We offer comprehensive and specialized advice in the field of consumer bankruptcy. Our offer includes both legal assistance in the proceedings for the declaration of consumer bankruptcy and proceedings after the declaration of bankruptcy, as well as extensive support in restructuring the debt.

We advise our Clients who have become insolvent, how they can effectively use the institution of consumer bankruptcy. At the same time, we make a thorough analysis of each case of insolvency, objectively assessing the chances for granting the declaration of bankruptcy to our Client.

Our assistance is not limited to preparation of a bankruptcy petition for the Client. We help our Clients through a multi-stage procedure, representing them before the bankruptcy court, judge-commissioner, trustee and creditors during the bankruptcy proceedings. We care not only for a chance for debt relief, but we strive consistently to ensure that the release from debt becomes a fact and finds expression in the court's decision to cancel the bankrupt's obligations.

We also offer a range of effective solutions to those who, for various reasons, do not meet the requirements to declare bankruptcy. We specialize in finding alternative solutions to consumer bankruptcy, offering representation in negotiations with creditors, in particular with debt collection companies.

Paweł Borek, attorney at law | Krzysztof Doliński, attorney at law

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