Family law regulates extremely delicate matters. From our experience, we know that divorce or separation cases, as well as disputes over parental rights and alimony, always imply considerable emotions in the participants of court proceedings. Such emotions may often cloud one's judgement and complicate finding optimal solution of the problem. We offer professional legal assistance in matters relating to family law, ensuring that our Client is relieved of formal issues related to pending proceedings.

We provide our Clients with comprehensive legal services in the field of family law, in particular in the following issues:

  • divorce proceedings;
  • separation proceedings;
  • alimony (child support) proceedings;
  • proceedings concerning limitation or deprivation of parental authority;
  • proceedings concerning parental contacts with children;
  • proceedings concerning division of joint property of the spouses;
  • proceedings concerning abolition of marital unity of assets;
  • proceedings concerning permission to travel abroad with children.

We approach all matters with due discretion, tact and commitment.

Paweł Borek, attorney at law | Krzysztof Doliński, attorney at law

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