Legal support facilitates efficient and undisturbed functioning of every commercial company.

Legal support allows the company to reduce the risk of:

  • invalidity of adopted resolutions;
  • loss of time related to lingering registration procedures;
  • adoption of ineffective and unpractical organizational solutions.

We offer:

  • support for company managers - allowing any decisions to be made in a formally correct manner;
  • support in the preparation of corporate documentation - documenting the proper course of  shareholders' meetings, meetings of the supervisory board, as well as regulating the rules of the company's operation (company agreement, statute);
  • legal representation before the registration court (KRS) - aimed at possibly efficient execution of the registration obligations of the company;
  • support in mergers and transformations - supervising the processes of merging, dividing or transforming of companies.

We strive to provide legal support in an efficient and thoughtful manner - taking into account the future consequences of adopted solutions.

Paweł Borek, attorney at law | Krzysztof Doliński, attorney at law

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