Concluding, negotiating, executing and terminating commercial agreements is an everyday reality and source of issues for most entrepreneurs.

Legal support enables to limit the risk of:

  • futility of the legal action regarding the contract (e.g. ineffective conclusion or termination of the contract);
  • conclusion of an unfavorable contract which will be difficult to terminate;
  • unfavorable disproportion of the contractual position in relation to the contractor;
  • conflict with the contractor at the stage of contract execution;
  • costs related to an unfavorable contract which may occur at the stage of execution of the contract or due to a dispute with the contractor.

Legal support regarding contract law is one of the pillars of our legal practice. We advise our Clients in relation to:

  • sale contracts - concluded with purchasers of goods and services offered by our Clients;
  • purchase contracts - concluded with providers of goods and services purchased by our Clients;
  • cooperation contracts - concluded with agents, distributors, representatives and other co-workers;
  • general terms and conditions - we support the preparation of general terms and conditions of cooperation that help streamline and harmonize the contracting process for our Clients;
  • terms of remote provision of services - necessary and essential in particular for service providers offering their products or services on the Internet.

Due to the business relationships concluded by our Clients, we also support them in any aspects regarding:

  • contracts on entrusting of personal data for processing - mandatory for business relationships involving the entrustment of personal data for processing;
  • non disclosure agreements - essential for sharing company's know-how with contractors;
  • non competition agreement - essential for protecting company's market position.

We analyze each contract considering both legal and business risks arising from its provisions. Our vast experience in reviewing and preparing commercial contracts guarantees that we take into account relations between our Client and the other party to the contract, which allows us to prepare the best possible legal conditions for cooperation and helps maintain good business relations between our Client and his business partner. 

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