We provide legal support regarding any issues related to the employment of employees.

Legal support facilitates:

  • proper drafting of employment contracts;
  • fulfillment of the legal obligations incumbent on the employer by virtue of the Labor Code and related legal acts;
  • preparation of reliable work regulations, remuneration regulations and bonus regulations;
  • anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination prevention;
  • protection of the employer's legal interest in legal disputes with the employees.

We offer:

  • legal support in preparation of any documentation related to employing the employees - particularly employment contracts, work regulations, remuneration regulations and bonus regulations;
  • legal support in implementation of anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination procedures - enabling to limit the potential adverse consequences related to mobbing or discrimination of the employees;
  • legal support in valid and safe termination of employment contracts - which shall limit the number of proceedings before labor courts and strengthen the legal position of the employer in case of being involved in a court dispute;
  • legal representation in disputes with the employees - which shall limit the employer's commitment to such disputes and allowithe employer's interests to be defended in accordance with legal procedures.

We always provide legal support in the most transparent way possible. When advising on taking appropriate legal steps, we outline the consequences associated with such actions and we estimate the legal risk related to them.

Paweł Borek, attorney at law | Krzysztof Doliński, attorney at law

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