We support our Clients not only in the litigation, but also in the pre-trial stage and enforcement stage of the legal dispute.

Entrusting the legal dispute to the legal office allows the entrepreneur to:

  • limit the risk of unfavourable outcome of the dispute;
  • relieve the entrepreneur and his employees from involvement in the dispute;
  • defend his rights while maintaining procedural requirements under the law;
  • look at the dispute through the eyes of an independent adviser, which facilitates finding a solution to the dispute and anticipating the position and arguments of the other party to the dispute.

We offer:

  • involvement in the amicable resolution of disputes - allowing to limit the time and costs associated with the judicial enforcement of claims;
  • legal representation in court - with care for efficient court proceedings and defense of the Client's position in the dispute while abiding by the applicable procedures;
  • representation before a bailiff - aimed at enforcing debt from the debtor or defending the rights of the Client subject to debt enforcement.

We always provide legal support in the most efficient and transparent way possible for the Client. When advising to our Client to take appropriate legal steps we always take into account the interest of our Client - including possible costs that may incur in connection with particular legal actions and the chances of a positive outcome of the litigation.

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